Big Grove Brewery

When the team at Big Grove Brewery in Solon, Iowa was creating their new space, they understood that their unique space introduced some “challenges” for the audio and television experience of their customers.  The bar area was designed to include multiple televisions, and a loud, acoustically clean sound system was a “must have”.  The dining area was intended to support great meals and great conversation, so the sound system considerations were many.  Throw in very high ceilings with lots of metal (read that: potentially really bad raw acoustical performance) and a patio with multiple fire pits and you can begin to understand the challenge.


What does the customer think?

“My name is Matt Swift and have had great success with D.B. Acoustics. Our group owns several restaurants in the Iowa City area and have now used D.B. on 3 sites with more to come. Two jobs were ground up construction and one was a system overhaul. What I enjoy about working with D.B. Acoustics is the professionalism that they display in both the planning and install process. They provide top notch customer service and I trust them to not only deliver quality sound but also an aesthetically pleasing system as well. Music is a part of our service and very important to the feeling you get when entering a business or even your home. D.B. Acoustics will deliver on a premium experience and will have you jamming out in no time.”

– Matt Swift, Restaurateur