Acoustical Analysis & Correction

Do you a have a room where you cannot talk or understand the conversation?

Members of our highly trained staff use a variety of audio test equipment to measure reverberation and other audio-impacting aspects of the space.  We use a combination of sound generators, microphones, and computer programs to “map” the acoustical qualities of the room, and then we apply our education, certification and years of experience to provide guidance.  We leverage computer aided design (CAD) packages to model and map the room, as well as “before” and “after” scenarios.

In a properly designed space for speech and lecture, we strive to have a reverberation time of 1 second. General purpose rooms can tolerate a 1.5 to 2 second reverb time, and a music hall might be between 2 and 3 seconds.  If you have a “dual- or multi-purpose” room (imagine a school gymnasium that holds basketball/volleyball, major events like graduations, and several vocal concerts…) we can help you understand solutions that will enable you make informed decisions regarding investment.

Bad acoustical spaces can be corrected. We can provide an acoustical analysis of your space, and then recommend, design and install solutions that will mitigate the issue. We can offer a wide variety of corrections with complete installation and measured results.


Houses of Worship

Commercial & Residential

Schools and Sports

 DB Acoustics has provided services to schools and sports facilities in many states. The DB Team has provided sound systems to football stadiums and arenas that seat over 100,000 people as well as local community facilities. We have created solutions for performing arts centers, lecture halls, and video conference rooms. These systems can be as simple as wireless microphones and sound distribution equipment, or as complex as you can imagine. We’ll work with you and your architect or design team to complete the design and build what is most suitable to your sound needs. Sports installations have taken our team to college stadiums in North Carolina, Utah, Missouri and Texas, as well as several in Iowa.

Speech Privacy Solutions

With years of experience designing and installing sound masking systems, DB Acoustics is ready to become your most trusted provider of speech privacy solutions. Whatever your acoustic privacy needs, we can design and install a cost-effective solution that is right for you.

  • Open office plans
  • Legal offices
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Dental offices
  • Private offices
  • Retail areas
  • Pharmacies

Music and Content Services

DB Acoustics is a Mood Media independent affiliate that stands ready to provide you with licensed business, music, digital signage, and on-hold as well as in-store messaging services to support your unique branding and business needs.

Background and Foreground Music

Mood Media offers an ever-evolving pool of music programs designed to match the mood of your business or setting. More than 70 programs are constantly updated with new releases and inspirations. Mood Media programs are commercial-free and screened for lyrical content with usage and licensing fees paid for and covered.

Digital Signage & Messaging

Video boards, signage, and integrated messaging.


The same high quality that goes into our commercial solutions can be applied to sound, video, cameras and control solutions for your home.  Distributed sound in every room.  Home Theater.  Touch pad interaction to monitor cameras when you are away.  So many possibilities.